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Ankara 29/04/2003


Duyuru No: 2003/49

Dışişleri Bakanlığı Avrupa Konseyi ve İnsan Hakları Genel Müdür Yardımcılığının 21.04.2003 günlü 160105 sayılı yazısı ekinde gönderilen "Avrupa İnsan Hakları Mahkemesine Personel Alımı" ile ilgi yazının bir örneği ekte gönderilmiştir.

Konunun ilgilenen Baronuz mensubu meslektaşlarımıza duyurulmasını rica ederim.




Türkiye Barolar Birliği
Av.Özdemir ÖZOK






Avrupa Konseyi ve İnsan Hakları Genel Müdür Yardımcılığı


Sayı: 156.50/2003/AKGY/160105
Konu: AİHM'ne personel alımı



Avrupa İnsan Hakları Mahkemesi bünyesinde görevlendirilmek üzere A6 düzeyinde grefye alımı hakkında yapılan duyurunun örneği ilişikte sunulmaktadır.

Sözkonusu görev için son başvuru tarihi 22 Mayıs 2003 olarak belirlenmiştir.

Saygılarımla arzederim.


Bakan a.
Erdoğan İŞCAN
Avrupa Konseyi ve İnsan Hakları
Genel Müdür Yardımcılığı



Ek: Tk.



External recruitment procedure

N° 34/2003 / A6 / Closing date: 22 May 2003
Post of Section Registrar (Grade A6)
Registry of the European Court of Human Rights

10 April 2003

Duties (post n° 1130)

Under the authority of the President of the Section and the Registrar of the Court, the Section Registrar assists the Section and its members in the exercise of their functions. Duties include the following :

_ advise and assist the President of the Section in all matters relating to the Section work;
_ schedule, organise and convene meetings of the different formations of the Section (Chambers and Committees);
_ verify all draft judgments, decisions and reports before they are submitted to Judge-Rapporteurs for approval;
_ ensure and verify all documentation involving Section work (including decisions, judgments and correspondence with the parties);
_ sit with the Section during its deliberations, and advise the Section and its Judges on legal issues;
_ organise fact-finding missions where necessary;
_ conduct friendly settlement negotiations with the parties;
_ carry out case-management and case-planning at Section level;
_ act as line manager of the staff working in the Section (Deputy Section Registrar and Section assistants) and the Heads of the Divisions attached to the Section;
_ in co-operation with the Jurisconsult and the other Section Registrars, monitor consistency of case-law between the Sections, and facilitate case-law reporting;
_ in co-operation with the other Section Registrars, ensure consistency of practice and procedure between the Sections;
_ participate in the Court's various working parties;
_ generally assist the Registrar and the Deputy Registrar(s) of the Court, together with the other Section Registrars, in the management of the Registry and its staff.


_ Good university degree in law and legal qualification giving access to the judiciary or other branches of the legal profession in the State from which the post-holder originates;
_ thorough knowledge of the procedure, practice and case-law of the European Convention on Human Rights, combined with extensive experience in this field;
_ very good knowledge of one of the two official languages (English or French), good knowledge of the other official language knowledge of other European languages desirable.


_ Proven staff managerial skills at senior level;
_ well-developed interpersonal and negotiating skills;
_ ability to lead and motivate a relatively large number of staff in the Legal Divisions through the relevant line managers;
_ high degree of initiative, authority, sense of responsibility,
_ order, method and discretion;
_ aptitude for using computer facilities.

The Organisation

The Council of Europe is a political organisation, founded in 1949 to promote greater unity between its member states, of which there are now 45. Its main aims are to promote democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and to develop common responses to political, social, cultural and legal challenges in its member States. Since 1989, it has admitted most of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe to membership, and it supports them in their efforts to implement and consolidate reforms.

The Council has its permanent headquarters in Strasbourg (France). Under its Statute, it comprises two organs: the Committee of Ministers, made up of the member States' foreign ministers, and the Parliamentary Assembly, composed of delegations from the member states' parliaments. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (CLRAE) represents the local and regional authorities of member states.

The European Court of Human Rights is the judicial body competent to adjudicate complaints brought against a State by individuals, groups of individuals or other Contracting States on grounds of violation of the European Convention on Human Rights (1953). It came into operation in November 1998 with the entry into force of Protocol No. 11 to the Convention, which replaced the two former semi-permanent enforcement bodies, namely the European Commission of Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights, by a single full-time court. The Court consists of a number of judges equal to the number of Contracting States.


Applications must reach by 22 May 2003 the

Directorate of Human Resources
fax: 33 3 88 41 27 10

and be submitted in the form of

_ an official application form available on the Council of Europe's Recruitment website (http://www.coe.int/jobs),
_ a detailed CV including the Vacancy Notice number, date of birth, nationality(ies), postal address and e-mail address (if applicable), telephone number(s), education and training, work experience and language skills.

Candidates must be nationals of a Council of Europe member State.

If an outside applicant is appointed, an initial contract for a fixed period of two years will be offered, corresponding to a probationary period. If, after the probationary period, the Secretary General decides to confirm the staff member in his/her post, the appointment will be extended for one or more periods varying in length between one and five years.

Under its equal opportunities policy, the Council of Europe is aiming to achieve parity in the number of women and men in each category and grade. In the event of equal merit, preference will be given to the applicant belonging to the under-represented sex (female candidates in the present case).


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